voor de nederlandse lezers

voor de lezer's die artikelen in het nederlands willen lezen. vraag onder het gewenste artikel naar de nederlandse versie in een comentaarberichtje.

donderdag 2 mei 2013

Some notifications

Here is a quick message in between about some things going on. Peter Bos aproached me about my gunpla blog and mentioned that there arent that much people in the Netherlands who do stuff with gundam. So he asked me if wanted to start up a gundam site for the Netherlands with him. I said yes because it rememberd me of the time that gizmoxia was still up and runnning and we had an amazing group of gundam fanatics on their forum. So i hope for the people who follow my blog and would like to join a dutch site with gundam fanatics please join us on gunpla-nederland

We have a site up and running wich shares news about gundam related items and also a froum and facebook page. Its a bit quiet at the moment but the people joining the bigger and better it wil get. Hope to see you there. But first im gonna go on vacation to belgium for the next 7 days.

See ya soon Marc

vrijdag 26 april 2013

Its been a long time :P

Hi guys its been a long time indeed. But i'm in the moddeling mood wich is a good thing hahaha. how are you guys doing, still reading this blog ? I hope so because im planning to do some more moddeling in the next months. And as i'm getting more in the mood of moddeling so is my intrest in other moddelers and their work. Last night i came across this build wich is so detailed en awesome as hell, that i could not refuse to post a link to this awesome project. Give me a shout if you still read my blog and still building, and if you're only reading it thats good too let me hear ya. I'll post some more soon and i'll try to do some moddeling in the meanwhile to give you pics. Till soon :)

maandag 17 december 2012

Some sort of stop

Im going too be really short in this post. Life is taking alot of free time the last year and i hardly build anything. So im going to put it in some sort of stop. In the future ill post what i will build but without deadline im keeping to myself. I hope that the last few people reading this wont be dissapointed. Till next time.

maandag 7 mei 2012

Time is flying

Damn time goes to fast, really havent done that much on my model since my last post. I've been so busy with so many things at the same time that i had almost no time to do anything with the sword impulse. And my schedule is not getting that much better, still working on my attic so my younger brother can sleep there. Thats for starters and im really busy with work, got many days that im late from work and have things like going to the gym for exercising. Maybe with the upcoming holidays next week, there could be a small gap in the schedule for modeling. We will see, till next time.