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woensdag 26 mei 2010

Pretty late this time.

Well just like the last time, im pretty late with an update.
My house is still taking a lot of time an my GF to.
But i found some gaps to work on modelling.
I build an f-16 fighter-plane for a boy from my old neighbourhood.
His dad is a bit clumsy with building thigs some they asked me.
The plane is almost done only a simple paint job and some decals.

As for gunpla i did some work on the Chaos gundam wich is a rather simple model if youre building MG's al the time.
Dont get me wrong but i think that they are some times a bit to easy, the dont really challenge me enough.
At least the Chaos is not, but i also have a HG arios, seravee and cheridum.
I really hope the give more satisfaction.
Maybe i will try to build one of them since im watching 00 season 2.
Wich one of the 3 is your favorite ?

And before i forget i build some of my PG gp01 with a nephew.
Not much only the feet, i can really notice its a older model.
But its complex and i love it.
I will try to make some pictures of everything as soon as possible.
And please leave a comment, im a bit curious if anyone still folowing my blog.
Thanks !!