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donderdag 28 mei 2009

finally it's here "my airbrush"

this topic is about my new and first airbrush that i bought today. wel here are the pictures i just took over the airbrush. i you have any quistions about the airbrush, cmpressor, paint of something else -> just ask.

here is the airbrush
its from a german manufacturer. it is an harder and steinbeck evoluition silver line 2 in 1
i got the opertunity to test the airbrush before i would buy it. and i think it is an amazing piece of technology. it has a 2 cc cup, a 5 cc cup, and a 0.2 mm needle/ nozzle and a 0.4 mm needle/nozle. its realy easy to clean, but you realy have to be carefull with handeling the nozzle and needle. i wil need some time and much practice before i can make a good looking model hahaha airbrushing is realy a great art to do..

here is the compressor
it has a filter, wich takes out the water that hangs in the air. there is also a meter on wich displays the air-pressure its suplyning. and a regulator to control the flow/pressure air it delivers. its an iwatec aircompressor
the compressor turns of automaticly when it has enough airpresure, and turns on when its tolow to use your airbrush. it hardly makes any sound wich is a good thing.

if you're working with your airbrush, you'll need a standard to put you airbrush in if you need your hands to be free for other work. i bought this standard with my airbrush and it can hold up to 4 airbrush-pistols at the same time

the airbrush holder is realy easy to use. you can mount is on a table or on something else. if you got the it mounted on a table you can turn the airbrush-pistol holder to any desired position

i also bought 8 colours of airbrush paint i will explain more about this when i used it a few times. i took the base colours that everbody needs for painting and some colours i will need for specific use like pink (hg aegis and mg infinite jusitice)
here is a foto of the paint

dinsdag 19 mei 2009

blog update

als eerste wil ik bij deze melden dat ik overstap naar mijn artikelen volledig in het engels te schrijven, beginnend met deze update. heb je hier moeite mee of wil je iets vertaald naar het nederlands zegt het me even. ik doe dit i.v.m. buitelandse volgers van mijn weblog. ik zal de stijl van het blog later ook volledig omzetten in engels.

so here is in some way, a new start. my blog wil continu in they english language, because fellow gundam builders from other countries then the netherlands are following my blog.

im almost done with my school (yeaaah can't wait). at the moment im thinking of buying an airbrush. and maybe getting some macross models (dont know the series but the models look awesome). also when i have enough time im gonna try to proceed with my zaku project.

that's all for now, ill try to make some more update's in the weeks ahead.
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also check the new poll i made and give me your opinion about it please.