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zondag 28 juni 2009

General update

Well here is a general update on the project's im busy with. No photo's on this update (sorry will make some soon for you). Last weekend i was away on a mini vacation in England, i was planning on doing the update before the weekend but did'nt make it.

The zaku project is going not as good as i wanted. It is taking more time than i hoped and some parts are really a pain in the ass to mod. This is gonna be a time taking project and im thinking of doing other projects in between.
Whats done ? :
-head with led 80 %
-torso with real cockpit 70 %
-waist and hips 40 %
-legs 90 %
-arms 20%
-backpack 0 %
-weapon - beam staff/axe 0 %

For the group-build project the time is less of a problem. I've got all the parts i need for th project. Also im thining of using the gm as a test model for the airbrush. just the easy stuff no weathering or stuff like that. I will do this project before continuing the zaku.

The spray cabin is going pretty good. im building it with my brother and he will make some parts for it on his work. it will make the spray cabin stronger and better. The parts he's making are connecting the wood with the transparant plastic.

Wel thats all for this update if you have any questions or something like that please ask them.

maandag 15 juni 2009

chibicon convention

well last weekend was pretty suprising. i didn't mentioned it before, but i went to the chibicon convention in houten. i really didn't expect so many cosplayers at one place. it was almost frightening hahahaha. gundam wasn't a real big thing there (bummer). but i got the oppertunity to meet some fellow gunpla builders wich i only speak trough forums. my compliments to some people on chibicon, they got really nice looking outfits wich were almost straight out of the series/games/movies they wanted it to be. i tink i can make a book of the whole day at chibicon, but i think its better for you to see some pictures.

here is some merchandise that i bought on chibicon. as i already told you there was a lack of gundam on the whole convention, so not as many gundam kits as i hoped to see. i bought two action bases for char's suit's (MG) and two figures of final fantasy

cloud on fenrir bike from, final fantasy: advent childrenPhotobucket

squall from, final fantasy 8

2 action bases
cheap action base

and here is the album with chibicn pictures.
i will comment a few foto's later.


(made possible by jesper, paulo and marc)

maandag 8 juni 2009

filter-system for the airbrush

as i mentioned before i need a filter system for my airbrush. of else my room wil become a mess with little paint dots all over it. i went looking on the internet for a home made version and found this dutch person with an awesome filter-system.
just take a look at it and see for yourself. i already bought 90% of the parts and i will list them on my blog in the next couple of days


my brother made a 3d sketch of the filter-system that i am going to build.
so what do you think ?

some spec's as requested:

the fan is a 16 watt 230 volt fan, 50 hertz with a diameter of 125 mm. it wil suck a massive 185 M3 in an hour (hahaha i know there are much bigger fan's but think about it 185 m3 is pretty much)

vrijdag 5 juni 2009

first try with the aibrush

so here are some pictures of my first run with the airbrush. i found out that i need a spray cabine for sure. i saw some great ideas on the internet about spraycabines.

well the pictures i took arent the best looking (think it's the camera).

i had a rgm-79n gm custom MG wich needed a recoulor. i tried this a few months back, but it went to a disaster. so i took the shield and i got some black airbrush-paint, mixed it up in the airbrush cup and gave it a try.well the only thing left to say about the result is : see for yourself

as you can see i sprayed some paint across the box that i was using as a spray cabine.

donderdag 4 juni 2009

group-build project

i started this project typing in dutch, but i am going to continu it in english. so here is a new post of the subject : group-build.

i sanded the complete model today and some brainstorming today. not sure about the colors but i know where i am going to modify the model. i am not telling you what im modifying , only the piece/place. to give you an impresion, here is a picture with the points.

if you have any ideas about a colorscheme just say so.