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vrijdag 5 juni 2009

first try with the aibrush

so here are some pictures of my first run with the airbrush. i found out that i need a spray cabine for sure. i saw some great ideas on the internet about spraycabines.

well the pictures i took arent the best looking (think it's the camera).

i had a rgm-79n gm custom MG wich needed a recoulor. i tried this a few months back, but it went to a disaster. so i took the shield and i got some black airbrush-paint, mixed it up in the airbrush cup and gave it a try.well the only thing left to say about the result is : see for yourself

as you can see i sprayed some paint across the box that i was using as a spray cabine.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow,
    those lines look like the airbrush has good control and very thin lines

    very usefull for shading!

    good luck :)

  2. Nice one marc, but is that a fingerprint on the shield in the first picture ? ;)

    This looks good :D
    Keep on airbrushing and you'll only get better!