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maandag 15 juni 2009

chibicon convention

well last weekend was pretty suprising. i didn't mentioned it before, but i went to the chibicon convention in houten. i really didn't expect so many cosplayers at one place. it was almost frightening hahahaha. gundam wasn't a real big thing there (bummer). but i got the oppertunity to meet some fellow gunpla builders wich i only speak trough forums. my compliments to some people on chibicon, they got really nice looking outfits wich were almost straight out of the series/games/movies they wanted it to be. i tink i can make a book of the whole day at chibicon, but i think its better for you to see some pictures.

here is some merchandise that i bought on chibicon. as i already told you there was a lack of gundam on the whole convention, so not as many gundam kits as i hoped to see. i bought two action bases for char's suit's (MG) and two figures of final fantasy

cloud on fenrir bike from, final fantasy: advent childrenPhotobucket

squall from, final fantasy 8

2 action bases
cheap action base

and here is the album with chibicn pictures.
i will comment a few foto's later.


(made possible by jesper, paulo and marc)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Die cloud is echt vet, alleen wel jammer dat je kan zien dat het een beweegbaar model is.
    Heeft dat ding nu echt haar?


  2. nope the hair aint real. but its realy detailed.
    also its a bit clear with the lighter parts on the outside. its an really awesome figure.