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zondag 28 juni 2009

General update

Well here is a general update on the project's im busy with. No photo's on this update (sorry will make some soon for you). Last weekend i was away on a mini vacation in England, i was planning on doing the update before the weekend but did'nt make it.

The zaku project is going not as good as i wanted. It is taking more time than i hoped and some parts are really a pain in the ass to mod. This is gonna be a time taking project and im thinking of doing other projects in between.
Whats done ? :
-head with led 80 %
-torso with real cockpit 70 %
-waist and hips 40 %
-legs 90 %
-arms 20%
-backpack 0 %
-weapon - beam staff/axe 0 %

For the group-build project the time is less of a problem. I've got all the parts i need for th project. Also im thining of using the gm as a test model for the airbrush. just the easy stuff no weathering or stuff like that. I will do this project before continuing the zaku.

The spray cabin is going pretty good. im building it with my brother and he will make some parts for it on his work. it will make the spray cabin stronger and better. The parts he's making are connecting the wood with the transparant plastic.

Wel thats all for this update if you have any questions or something like that please ask them.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. No need to rush :P
    looking foraward to see the zaku :)

  2. Take your time indeed. It's a difficult mod. looking forward to the result.