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maandag 8 juni 2009

filter-system for the airbrush

as i mentioned before i need a filter system for my airbrush. of else my room wil become a mess with little paint dots all over it. i went looking on the internet for a home made version and found this dutch person with an awesome filter-system.
just take a look at it and see for yourself. i already bought 90% of the parts and i will list them on my blog in the next couple of days


my brother made a 3d sketch of the filter-system that i am going to build.
so what do you think ?

some spec's as requested:

the fan is a 16 watt 230 volt fan, 50 hertz with a diameter of 125 mm. it wil suck a massive 185 M3 in an hour (hahaha i know there are much bigger fan's but think about it 185 m3 is pretty much)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Het ziet er goed uit. Is triplex hout niet een goedkopere alternatief voor perspex?

  2. yes i think youre right.
    my brother printed out the schematics, so i can cut out the pieces and mount them.

    also my mother got a filter to put in te cabine.
    ill make some foto's in the next couple of days

  3. @Chobin: Maar triplex laat geen licht door ;)

    @Marc: What are the specs of the fan? How much m3 per hour can this sucker suck? Make sure you have a powerfull fan or else the whole idea is kind of useless (I can tell, I screwed up ;))

  4. i posted the spec's undernetah the 3d image's.

    more spec's when it is finished

  5. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  6. @Pim: Aha, I see. Ik nam nl. aan dat hij al voldoende licht heeft in zijn (hobby)kamer...

    @Marc: Are you going to use a replaceable filter in front of the fan?

  7. yes it will be a replaceable filter.
    im not really sure how i am going to mount it in front of the fan, but it should nt be much of a problem.