voor de nederlandse lezers

voor de lezer's die artikelen in het nederlands willen lezen. vraag onder het gewenste artikel naar de nederlandse versie in een comentaarberichtje.

maandag 23 augustus 2010


I'm sorry to let you know i'll be out of the gunpla for some time.
Dont know how long but i think it will be a while before i'll be back in buisness.
Everything and everyone wants a lot of time from me and i got to make some choices because i cant do all the thing at the same time.
So i decided to put gunpla on a hold.

I would really love some more time for hobbies and stuff like that, but my house friends, girlfriend and a whole lot of other stuff are swalowing up my time.
And if the lack of time is not the worst thing bandai decided to make a mg of my favorite gundam: the deathscythe.
I think it's pretty crappy they do ver ka, but its also a challange to mod it.
I'll get it when i start building again.

Well thats it for now and before i forget i did some gun and feet modding on the seravee.
You'll see some photo's next time.

see ya soon and good luck with building