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donderdag 27 augustus 2009

As requested

Well as requested a picture of my orderd stuff

There 5 sorts of thrusters if im not mistaken. You see them from left to right/smal to big. And as you just saw the tiny thrusters is really tiny about 3 mm. The largest one is a bit bigger than a gundam MG hand.

On the picture are 2 beam sabers that look more agressive, flexitube for the zaku project, aurora lens stickers (the're awesome) and last but not least some realy tiny rings (not sure where im gonna use them).

Ill make a post with pictures of my group-build project soon.
Sorry for the bad picture tried to get it better

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Good stuff!!
    Already saw them in real life as you know =D


  2. yeah the stuff looks reallly good :D.
    but you need to order them with gundam kits because shipping rates are high if you only order these sorts of parts.

  3. Yeah i know,
    I had to pay some cash to customs too ya know;)

  4. i dont like those guys anymmore lol.
    first my dvd seed destiny colection €€€, then the red frame pg package €€€ now these parts €€€

  5. Where'd you bought it? Plamo Plus?

  6. Looks good marc. looking forward to how you use them.

  7. I bought them from hlj with some other people so we could split the shippingrate.
    Not sure how i found them, think someone gave me a link from hlj.