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zaterdag 6 maart 2010

A sneak preview of my Aegis

Some of you might remeber that i was working on the Aegis at the end of last year.
Well since im a bit of gunpla the last months i'll give you a sneak peak at my Aegis.
I made these pictures last years.
At first this model was to get some more expierence with my airbrush.
Half way building it i came across decal fix, wich makes decals fit better to the model.
So now the model had 2 things i could practice on it.
Well i have to say that the airbrush part has gone pretty good, still not sure i'm gonna use the same paint next time (thinner-based).

Well here's 1 pic to get you warmed up.

As for the decal fix, i think it works but i havent sprayed any top-coat on it.
Last time i used it the decals underneath looked a bit white, like there was a layer of air between the top-coat and the decal.
I hope decal fix wil solve this problem.

I also started on building my 1/100 chaos gundam.
Still not sure if i'm gonna use it in my first diorama.
I'ts going te be modded to start with.
Make it a bit more detaild and less plain.

Well this is all fo now.

And last but not least i'll show you another pic of my Aegis