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vrijdag 26 april 2013

Its been a long time :P

Hi guys its been a long time indeed. But i'm in the moddeling mood wich is a good thing hahaha. how are you guys doing, still reading this blog ? I hope so because im planning to do some more moddeling in the next months. And as i'm getting more in the mood of moddeling so is my intrest in other moddelers and their work. Last night i came across this build wich is so detailed en awesome as hell, that i could not refuse to post a link to this awesome project. Give me a shout if you still read my blog and still building, and if you're only reading it thats good too let me hear ya. I'll post some more soon and i'll try to do some moddeling in the meanwhile to give you pics. Till soon :)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Marc, I'm glad to see you picjed up Gunpla again. How about your MG Sword Impulse project? Did you finish it? Speaking about the Sword Impulse, I just finished the SD Sword Impulse project that lasted way too long. I decided to turn up the building frequency again. Hope to keep in touch again like back then.

  2. Hi Mwu La Fllaga im just finishing my golf gti model and then im going to pick up the Sword Impulse MG. You did a nice job on you're Sword Impulse SD, i'll comment it soon. and like you mentioned i hope we can get back in touch like a few years back would be very nice. And many thanks for the comment hahaha