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zondag 12 juli 2009

Almost done.

So here are the well promest photo's of my airbrush cabine.
In my opinion it looks really good, it ain't small but i have enough space in it to work on my models with the airbrush. I need to paint the complete cabine to make it look at its best. The cabine is going to be white on the inside and outside. And maybe when im more handy with the airbrush, i will make a drawing with my airbrush on the outside of the cabine. But thats only if im more capable of using the airbrush.

Well here are some nice fresh photo's just made :

This is a photo taken from the front i used pretty much bit's and bolts to put it together. As you can see i did nt remove the protective foil from the plexiglas, i did this because om gonna paint the wood inside and outside. When im painting it the plexiglas will be protected by the foil. When it will be operational i will remove the foil.

Here you can see the side. I drilled more holes in the metal than needed so there are some holes left. The metal is 6 cm wide 1 mm thick and 40 cm high. The metal will also be painted so it wont rust. (my airbrush paint is water based).

Here you can see the backside of the cabine. I made a tiny hole above the fan for the electricity wire.

I made a detailed photo of the bottom side. You can see a bolt with a round head put upside down. This functions as a feet that doesnt damage the surface under the cabine.

And last but not least a close up of the fan. You can see the cable going to the outside (the cable has an on/off switch). The 2 bolts wich are visible in the front are to be taken off, then you can put a filter behind it and put the round plastic part against it. Put the 2 bolts on it and tighten them and the cabine is ready for use.

Well this is it for so much. I will paint it and put some clear silicon filler on the edges of the plexiglas, after thats done i will make a photo with a MG gundam in it so you can see the actual size of it. For more details please ask.

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  1. Hee Marc,

    Excellent spraying boot you got there!! It looks decent to save you from the suffocating fumes. Very nice. One question: don't you need another filter in front of the fan? It should prevent you fan against clogging.