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zaterdag 18 juli 2009

Typical dutch weather.

Well today is a typical dutch day, lots of anoying rain. Im testing my airbrush on the group-build project. Found out that working with an airbrush wil take lots of practice. But then something turned out really good today.

My main model seller from Morgenroete Inc. told me he had a summersale going on, and he had a good offer on the macross model i had an eye on(we also talked about it yesterday in the evening). well i could not refuse the great offer and jumped in the car to get the kit. the total package contains the following kits :
- rvf-25 luca custom 1/72
- vf-25 super parts 1/72
- macross base

his summer sale continues till 31-07-09
here is a picture of the model.

there will be more photo's of the model with parts when completed(if the readers dont mind since it aint gundam related).

and since it not gundam related check the new poll and give it straight answer.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I realy like those macross kits, I'm thinking abut buying Ozma Lee custom VF-25, can You tell me how much did you payed?

  2. Macross kits are very good kits. It was a lot of fun to build my alto custom valkryie. The luca custom is very nice with its 3 ghosts. Hope you experience the same as me.

  3. Hey Marc, nice purchase you've made.
    Hope you'll enjoy it! Let me know if you need something else..;-)

  4. Hehe, rain is not so bad...
    we had a typhoon here in Hong Kong :P (Beaufort scale 9!)

    nice kit you have there by the way :)