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zaterdag 17 oktober 2009

17-10-09 text update (poll/update combination)

Here is a small text update concerning my new poll and to tell you my progress.
First ill give you my backlog so you can combine them with the poll.

-PG red frame with clear parts.
-PG gp01.
-MG sword impulse
-MG exia IM
-MG infinite justice
-HG chaos

I also have a MG gm custom but this is more for testing my new techniques.
But if you have a good idea for this one please tell me.
And for the diorama poll answer i already got a model in mind (my already build MG impulse).
Well thats for the poll just give me your most craziest ideas and i will keep them in mind for the next project wich i wont start this year.
I'll tell you why soon.

Then for my progress.
At the moment of speaking im busy with my Aegis.
got the detailg work and decals still left to do.
I really want to finish it soon but im not making a hasty job.
Really dont want to screw it up.

Hope to hear as much ideas as possible from you.

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