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dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

Aegis - almost done.

Well im almost done with the Aegis. its finaly coming to the final stage.
Before its complete i need to paint te eyes, details and put some waterslide decals on him. it will be about a few hous of work.
I also got some decal fix (could'nt find it anywhere until i found out that a hobby shop near my house was selling it).
It's from the brand humbrol, did anyone used it before and do you have any tips?
The shop owner told me how to use it and it goes like this:

You should aply the decal fix first on the model - then you put on the decal of choice (can be any kind of decal)- turn the decal to the desired position - let it dry.

And last but not least a picture i took from my Aegis, as i promissed.
Painting was not completly done in the weekend, so here it is :

So what do you say ?
I will explain the minor adjustments about the model when it is complete.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat is decal fix???


  2. decal fix is a fluid that seals decals better to your model and it should make some sort of protective layer or someting like that (words of the shop owner)

  3. Nice Aegis! What paint did you use for the red/pinkish part?

    For the decal fix. Since is your first time (uncertain of the result). maybe you should try it on some spare piece first to get the hang on using it, before you do it on your actual model.

  4. Yes im thinking the same thing about trying it on some samples.
    And for the paint job the major side skirts are 100 % x-17 pink from tamiya and the rest of the model is a mixture of about 7/8 x-17 pink and x-7 red from tamiya.

    A point where i learned much was when i was mixing it.
    Its better to mix a bit more that i use in a seperate bottle instead of mixing in my airbrush cup. i can see i real tiny color difference in some parts.

    Also sorry for the lack of good detailed pictures so far, ill ask my uncle to make a photoshoot with his huge camera like my picasa albums (he made those also).