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woensdag 21 april 2010

Been a long time

Well as the titel tells us, its been a long time really long.
To long if you ask me.
First im still not done with my house many small things have to be done.
And it doesn't stop there, i've got 2 bedrooms and an attic to make a bit nicer and more my own style.
Bit by bit im going to get my house nicer, better, newer and more liveable.
As for the gunpla, if got my Chaos gundam snap-fitted (not sure if i mentiond this before).
And i orderd 3 more kits from hlj, only because they where on 40-50% discount and i had some money on my paypal.
The kits i bought from hlj are the designer colours : seravee, arios and the cheridum.
They are scale 1/100 and look pretty good.
I also took the opertunity to order some aftermarket parts for my master grades.
This is it for now, im gonna spend 45 minutes on custoizing my chaos gundam now

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