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zondag 10 januari 2010

New year, new plans, new ideas and lots of that stuff.

Well first of al a happy new year to everybody who reads my blog.
The work in my new house is almost done for now.
It have been a rough 9 weeks of hard work but it pays out.
If anybody is intrested in some photo's please ask and i will post them.

As for the gundams, im still doing much cleaning up and moving stuff so that has to wait for a few weeks.
But as soon as i can begin my work again i will and keep the blog up and going with more updates as last year.(at least thats what im planning to do).

Im also a bit curious who's still following my blog, so if you read this please leave a comment so i know who's still following.

Thanks for now and hope t hear something frm you soon!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Posting pictures of the house would be nice.. Or at least where you work with your gunplas.

  2. Yeah I would like to see your new gunpla workplace :)

  3. More pictures would be great. I really want to know the end result ^^

  4. Oke i'll post some before and after pictures of the rooms.
    Im sorry that i have to say : my hobby room aint done yet.
    Its on the addic and more of a storage place at the moment.

    Im even thinking of working some models in the living room for a while because i dont have a heater on the addic and its pretty cold there now.

    I'll try to get the pictures online in this week.