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woensdag 27 januari 2010

What's your opinion ?

Well i have to keep my blog alive, preferd with gundam related or gundam stuff.
So thats why i'll trow in some questions for you and i hope you'll answer them.
It's nice to know what you like most about gundams, so here is my first question for you :

What do you like more a clean, plain and simple model like the acguy

Or does your preference go out to more complex models with many details, like the strike noir ?

I like the more complex models with many details.
Also the different in heights on a single piece like an shoulder is something i like.
It really gives depth to models and detail.

For the second question : if you had to choose between straight egde's and few curves or round models with few straights lines.
what would you pick ?

I would choose the first one, im not a big fan of round/curved models.

Hope to hear something from you soon.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. If i had to choose between acguy and strike noir, i would go for acguy. He is just to cool and cute ^^. For the second question: i would go for both, a little change per model is welcome :P

  2. Plain n simple or complex with details.
    well both have their pros and cons and i try to have as many different models in my collection :)

  3. so you dont really prefer a design ?

  4. Being a UC fan as I am I'd get most of the kits from the timeline as long as the pilot or the mecha itself has badass scenes..

    From AC Timelines though I only get the kits if the pilot is liked by me xD