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maandag 18 januari 2010

Some pictures of my house before and uder construction

Well as promissed here are some pictures of my house.
The before photos are made by the company who sold the house, so they are not the best.
As for the after pictures, my brother made them.
He made the photos of the construction works and stuff.


The livingroom front side.

The livingroom backside.

This is what i see if i look out my frontwindow.

The kitchen.

And the last one the bathroom.

As for the photos they need some explanation.
I bought the house from an old lady who was about 80 years old (think yo noticed it hahaha).
Everything looks really old and it is.
But with a lot of help and some money i tried to made the best out of it.
The compay who sold the house did not make pictures of all the rooms so i dont have more than these, but ill show you some pictures of the other rooms later this month.
so here are some photos of the work in progress

We took out a giant piece of the wall between the kitchen and backside of the living room.
It went from 90 cm (the door) to 250 cm in total : a nice open kitchen.

we also took away the door from the hallway to the kitchen, so i can put in a big L shaped kitchen in my house in the future.
In this picture you can see that the space of the door is filled with blocks.

Here's a pictures where we are aplying glassfibre sheets on the walls.

And finally some paint on the walls (took forever to get to this point).

A nice picture of the winter outside, the ice was about 50 cm in lenght.

You can see the new floor in this picture.
Almost everything that needs to be done in the house is done by myself, my big and little brother, family and friends.

The only thing that i could not do and had to get done was new electrical trough the whole house.
Lucky me 1 of my friends is a certified electician and he did it for free.

And here is the last photo where you can see a friend of mine with a girlfriend and my own girlfriend.
We just finished getting in some furniture that i got from familiy and friends.

to give you an idea of what was done in 9 weeks, here is a list of stuff we did.

-took a piece of wall out (about 250 cm by 265 cm and 16 cm thick)
-repainted the whole livingroom, kitchen, hallway, stairs, upstairs and my own bedroom.
-filled the gap that was left by a removed door
-layed down a new floor in the livingroom, kitchen and the hallway
-new electrical trough the whole house.
-and lots of little things

Ill get more photos and pictures of the rooms done and still to be done.
Including my new hobby room wich is more of a storage room at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed it and give youre opinion please

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks really nice, I probably should come over one time to see the all finished ^^

  2. That's impressive bro,
    when's the housewarming party? xD

  3. Yeah bro, when is the housewarming party?
    Let me know xD

  4. Why you have a house on your Gunpla blog?! Is it a building project or somthing like that. When the answer is yes, then congratulations.

  5. Ha ha i'll give an housewarming party round summertime.
    Spend most of my money at the moment.

  6. Ik moet zeggen dat de nieuwe inrichting stukken beter is dan de oude :D
    Ziet er mooi uit!