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donderdag 3 juni 2010

As promissed some photos :D

First thing i did after work was taking a nice shower.
Second thing was getting up the attic and search for my cable between the digicamera and the laptop.
And i found it thank god, if you could only see the mess its still is.
Finding something specific is like finding a needle in a haystack.
I was pretty sure where i left it so a 5 minute search was more than enough.

Lets get to the point.
Building the f-16 was a bit different than a gunpla, in fact the only thing they got in common are that there made from plastic, there modelling kits and there used for warfare and thats about it.
The whole kit is a single color in plastic, and it has 3 cups of paint with it : black, white and grey.
It only has water slide decals and enough small pieces to make you insane in a day.
I started building about 3 weeks ago withthe boy from my old neighbourhood.
Did not finish that day so i picked him up the week after.
But he changed his mind to playing some playstation and let the building with me.
After all it took me about 5 or 6 hours to glue it al togehter and this is te result:

Nice pic of the plane with the box.

Shot from above.

Front view

And last but not least some weapons.

It stil needs some paint and decals, but that wont be done this week.
I'll try to complete it within a reasonble time but i cant promise you guys anything.
Until next time

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Thats a sweet looking F-16. Now all you need is paint & decals, and you will have yourself a beauty on your desktop.

  2. it looks nice. some paint and decals let it look better.

  3. thanks guys.

    im not doing a major precize paintjob on thi one since its for a little boy at te age of 9.
    and for thedecals its the same.
    i'l do the larger decals on the plane, and let the small ones on the sheet.