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zondag 13 juni 2010

Pre-assemble seravee complete.

I completed the seravee minutes ago and im stiling thinking about some small modifications.
Customs mods on the seravee are hard to find on the internet, not that im going to copy tem.
But i thought to get some inspiration out of them.
Ow well it aint a problem because i kno what i want on the seravee : more detail.
Thinking about some pla-plating in it, and i'll see if i have some aftermarket parts for it.
And for the weapons i'll try to detail them a bit to, wich will be hard for the shoulder cannons and the knee cannons.
As for the paint scheme ill leave as it is.
Maybe ill put some stripes on it or something like that and a few different shades of colour.

Well here's a picture for you from today:

And i guess its getting time to get my airbrush from the attic.
Because i really need to get the f-16 in a paintjob.
I cant let the little boy form my old neighbourhood waiting forever.
and i need to paint my own models too.

This is it for today, if you know any mods on the seravee let mee know or show me.

See ya next time...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow...how did I miss this post. Looking forward to your mods!

  2. Goed om te zien dat je terug wat tijd hebt voor gunpla :P

    Veel geluk nog met de Seravee :D