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dinsdag 17 januari 2012

As promised

Here are the photos of when you re walking in my new hobby-room/office.
They ain't the best photos but i dont have a good camera myself.
Give me you're opinion on what you think of the room, and to let you know the room is far from done.
The desk you see on the right will only be for my laptop in the future since there will come another desk for my gunpla.
Scond desk will come in the back or on the left where some of my other things are standing

See the gunpla boxes already in the room?
I took the seravee box with me and went upstairs to find a new project voor 2012.
And what did i find on my attic, its a gunpla kit i wanted to build for months.
The kit is a nice one and pretty famous with a bad ass look.
Lets see if you reconize it from the photo below.

Well this is it for this post so far, hope there are still people following my blog.
It's always nice to hear some compliment's or tips or something about gunpla on the blog.
And before i forget if anybody who reads my blog knows something about MAC organizing another european contest let me know.

speak to you soon

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