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dinsdag 17 januari 2012

last week of my 4 week vacation.

Like the title says i'm in the last week of my vacation and since almost everyone i know is working, i got a week of time all for myself.
So finally after about 2 years of leaving the gunpla on a small fire, im going to build a lot more this year starting this week.

And i've been thinking would i continu with a W.I.P or start a new one.
i'll update my W.I.P list at the same time i'm posting this, because there are some projects finished or as good as finished.
The f-16 fighter plane has left the house last year, because the boy it belongd to wanted to paint it himself.
And the Aegis only needs some top-coat on it so i will remove this one of the lst to.

I'm gonna eat a piece of bread and take a look for the gunpla-kits i have left in the box.
I like the idea of starting this new year with a new project what about you ?

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