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maandag 27 februari 2012

Been busy with the Sword Impulse

I've been busy with the sword impulse but it's not a major progress.
You can probably remeber the idea of placing aftermarket parts on the chest.
Well it ain't gonna work since the size does not match enough.
It will be too sall and that will look rather dumb.
So i will only paint them.

I also bought a bunch of new paint colours for the airbrush wich should be easier to use and clean.
Took some primer of the same brand too but it's clear, and i used it yesterday.
I can tell you, i dot like it at all since i can hardly see wat im doing.
The brand i'm using is Revell, does any of you know it or used it before? please tell me you're experiences.
Still im going to use it and i'll try some things to work with the primer.
Did pay for it so it would be silly to trow an almost new bottle away.

Forgot to mention this in my previous post i joined a dutch modeling forum wich is mostly building cars, trucks and planes but ocaisonaly someone builds a gundam on the forum.
Nice to talk to some fellow modellers but i missed the enthousiasm that i share with fellow gunpla builders.
And thats why i joined a huge Australian gunpla forum.
I can tell you it's such a relief to talk to builders with the same intrests and enthousiasm.
Here is a link to the forum
Gonna leave the post here for what it is, a small textual update with no photos.
Or you can take a look to the bottom for an awesome Sword Impulse picture i use as my laptop background.

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