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zondag 5 februari 2012

sanding, sanding sa.... ice?

As i was sanding my sword impulse last month suddenley out of nowhere there was this so called horror-winter coming to the netherlands.
And it came what means that i can take my ice-skates from the attic and go practicing.
The ice skating track is open and i'll go make some laps on it.
I know this is hardly gundam related but this is one of the reasons why i take some brakes at building gunpla.
And i got more news, my brother moved in with me.
This has some advantages because he has a real nice nikon d90 wich is perfect for making photos of my gunpla.

Eough said about non gunpla stuff.
Im going to try and sand the sword impulse some more this week, since if only got the swords sanded and al the white parts.
Now i only need the red parts sanded and the inner frame.
And what a pain in the a.., all those tiny pieces need a touch of my sandpaper.
But in the end it will be all worth it.
I wonder if my followers are builing some gunpla at the moment?
So my question to you is are you busy with gupla at this moment?

Speak to ya later

1 opmerking:

  1. It seems that this horror winter is worse in the northern part of the land then in the south-eastern part.

    I started with a 1/144 duel gundam. But since the winter started for real, i can't use my airbrush!.

    I also have the last bit of my mg exia to build (last arm), a blade liger from zoids en from macross frontier the michael custom.

    Anyway, hope to see soon some more pictures of that awesome sword impulse mg

    Good luck with your brother