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zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Update time !

It's time for an update, so let start where i ended.
The sanding that needed to be done is done finaly, it's the most annoying thing in the whole proces of modeling.
I took my time and thought about modding the sword impulse and i'm sure now it wont be much.
Since i need some tools and i can hardly find the right ones, i'll mod the sword impulse with small things.
And i already started with the excalibur swords.
Everybody knows the beams on the swords and when i saw the beam tips i wanted too make them look more agressive.
And so i did, i took my hobby knive and started to chip away plastic.
Take a look at the picture below on the result.

The upper part is original and the botom part is modified.
Now it looks more pointy and more agressive just like the sword impulse.

As for other modifications i was thinking of putting some after market parts on the impulse.
I got some vulcans wich can be put in the gundam head of a master grade.
And i thought what if i put 2 of them on his chest.
They aint there on the moment but im still thinking on doing it.
Here is a photo so you can see what i mean.

I got the aftermarket piece in my tweezer and in the background you see the chest of the impulse.

And last but not least i got a new model today.
It aint a gundam but it's a model i wanted for really long time.
Me and my brother where in a store full of everything that has someting to do with models and modeling.
I got some putty some brushes for painting and there it was, the model i've been looking for years.
And they had 2 different kits wich were not so different from each other.
Got the one i thought i could use best.
The reason why i wanted this model so bad was because it was my first car!

As for the model its only in a GTI version wich i did not have in real life.
I had a normal 1.6 vw golfII
Back in those days i modified my car to a bit of the looks of a GTI.
In the beginning it looked like this :

Except for the rims and mirrors i already changed them.
And i turned it into this in about a year :

Sorry for the low quality on the picture i made using my cellphone from years back.
After about 14 months a driver who was not paying attention drove in to my car and t-boned it.
The car was beyond repair and unfortunatly i had to get rid of it.
The model does not have all the things i put on my car back in the days.
But i will try to make it look pretty much as my first car.

If you got any questions or comments i'll be glad to hear them.
Till next time!

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