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zondag 6 september 2009

Aegis in uprise.

Well cant wait to long with some news.
I started with airbrushing some of my aegis parts with tamyia paint.
And it is 300% better than the createx paint i got with the airbrush.
I cant rub it off as i could do with createx paint.
The only thing now thats bothering me a bit is that, tamyia paint is more expensive than createx and painting 1/100 model takes a hole lot more paint than a 1/144 (gm group-build). So still searching for some soluitions.
Here are 2 pics i took of the painted parts.

Also the poll i posted has came to its end, and the results are :
yes 7
no 3
not sure 1
doesnt bother me.. 5

Well since "not sure" and "doesnt bother me" are a bit 50/50 answers, ill split the total and of the points and spread them equaly over yes and no.
That means yes gets 3 point more and no to.
And that will bring the final score on : YES 10 points NO 6 points.
A big diffrence and i will posts some messages of models from other series.

Still Gundam wil keep the upperhand on this blog, stay tuned...

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  1. well, you can be cheapo like me and try some acrylic paint for walls and ceilings (they sell little test tubes) cst about the same as tamiya but you get more...