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donderdag 17 september 2009

non gundam model : RVF-25 part 1

Next to my Aegis and Zaku project im doing a macross model and since my poll showed some intrest in non gundam models i will do one.
Im doing a bit more information about this ones since most of the readers won't reconize it(at least that's what i think).

The RVF-25 is a plane/battroid/gearwalk of the pilot Luca from the macross frontier serie.
Luca is the pilot who gatters most of the info on the battelfield (take a look at his machine and you'll see why).
He also has 3 non piloted planes with him wich are for information gathering and more(you should really see the serie).
These planes are called ghosts and there about 1/3 the size of the RVF-25.
I really like the models from macross frontier, the look really agile an fast.
And on top of that all of the 5 main models are really unique in their own way.
My favorite the RVF-25 of course is the one that is used for mainly information gathering and back-up.

Here is a picture of my model without the decals and panel lines.

As you can see its really plain without the decals and panel lines.
Well to cheer you guys up, ill give you the promise i will add even more than just the decals and panel lines.
For the ones who have already seen the series, they probably know what im talking about.

Now lets talk about the model itself.
Its really good detaild and has many small parts. the transformation construction is good at most of the sections, except for some like the nose piece.
The nose piece looks a bit loose if you touch it.
And i have to say that the legs are a real pain in the ass. they are hanging on the waist and are a bit to heavy to stay in place.
They should have come up with some sort of locking mechanism.
And the last big bummer the gun given to the RVF-25 cant be put underneath the fighter, it has a fin underneath wich makes it impossible (it would have looked so good)
Next to those minor bits there are many good ones wich make up for the poor.
And one of them is that each part can be put real tight next to the other one, and i mean real tight!
Another good point is that the model is a challenge to build, its really diffrent compared to a gundam.

This is it for the first part i will post the next part as soon as possible.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good job so far. Are you sure the rifle can't be attached onto the jet? There should be a part that makes it possible to assemble it underneath.

    I've checked Michel's Custom en there it is possible. The heavy versions like Super Messiah's and Armored one's all do support such system.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. yes im sure, if you want to attach the gun underneath youl have to take off the fin.
    the bits to attach the gun are in the runners, so if i want i can put it underneath the aircraft.
    even the manual has nothing in it about attaching the gun underneath.