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zondag 20 september 2009

RVF-25 part 2

Well as i promissed i would make the plane a bit more colourfull.
So here are sme pictures without the decals.
And here it comes the extra pieces added are the one and only super parts, wich can be equiped with at least the 4 main macross models.
With the decals on it it will be an awesome fighter.

I forgot to mention in my last message that i wont transform this green radarloving fighter model to his battdroid mode or gearwalk.
This all beacuse of my narrow free time, got so many kits to build hahaha.

Well some pictures with more detail than the first 2 i took.

I did not put the radar dish on it so you can see the super parts better.

Rear view of the fighterplane.

Under the wing look.

Dont mind the background.

And now when i just posted al the pictures i found out the i forgot to put the large boosters on the wings (feeling pretty dumb now).
You will eventually see them in the new updates.
I also have to make a photocabinet where i can put my models in for photosessions, but thats an issue wich can wait.

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