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zondag 27 september 2009

Off topic.

Well here is an off topic update, wich im making because i was reading an other blog latley. The blog topic was about the unity we have in our intrests, but at the same time how diffrent we are induvidualy. And i share the the opinions wich i heard there. Some people post only once or twice every week, some only once a month, some people pst only about models there building and some about everything thats about gundam.

The blog i was reading is about a bunch of people who are communicating longer than me about gundam and other stuff. I hope that this blog can do a bit off the same. I like to hear people's opinion about my models and their advices. Altough im not posting as much as i want (and maybe as much as you want) but i think, if i do some more effort i can do some more posting and hopefully you'll like it.

Well i think i'll stop here for the moment and hope to hear some of you're opinions. Maybe you dont like me talking about stuff like this hahahaha.
To all my readers : thanks for reading and that you'll continu it and keep commenting.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Added your blog to my collection. I think you are doing a great job from what i can see here. Keep it up.

    You definitely have a fine list of completed gunplas!

  2. Thank you, still learning and not as good as the fellow builders im seeing arround.
    But im doing my best to keep improving my skills and models.